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The Disinvestment Campaign

Emerging from the Global World Bank Boycott initiative, the World Bank Disinvestment Campaign is a solidarity movement between communities in the Global South, who are often negatively affected by World Bank project financing and adjustment policies, and communities in the Global North, where most of the financing for the World Bank comes from. The Disinvestment Campaign seeks to inform the public about the impact of World Bank policy in developing countries, while persuading socially responsible, public and private institutions to reconsider investing in the World Bank until the Bank agrees to the following demands...

1. Stop conditional lending practices based on the neoliberal agenda of imposing Structural Adjustment Policies, or what are now referred to as Poverty Reduction Strategies

2. Refrain from financing environmentally and socially disruptive projects

3. Cancel debt for impoverished nations

How YOU Can Use 'Disinvestment' as a tool to influence the World Bank....

The World Bank raises up to 80% of its funds by selling bonds on global financial markets. Pension funds, banks, insurance companies and investment firms (who often manage the capital of public institutions) invest in World Bank bonds. Citizens such as you and I often contribute towards the purchase of World Bank Bonds without even realising it, whether it be the student fees we pay at our university that are later invested in bonds, or the money we have invested in a specific bank. Collectively, we have the power to stop the World Bank in its tracks by taking control and speaking out about where our money is invested.
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It is people such as ourselves, the stakeholders of public institutions, that have been, and are the motor behind the act of disinvestment. Taxpayers, students, members of labour unions and religious groups, workers with pension-saving plans, and clients of ethical banks are the ones from which the act of disinvestment springs and depends on. The act of disinvestment sends a strong message to the Bank to democratise and move more concretely towards our campaign demands. Please contact us or read more if you'd like to take action on the World Bank Disinvestment Campaign!

Campaign toolkit launched

A new World Bank Disinvestment Campaign toolkit has been launched! This revised booklet contains detailed and updated information on the functioning, funding and controversial aspects of the World Bank, as well as detailed guidelines on how to initiate a Disinvestment in your community. Paper copies are available upon request from: disinvestment [at] aseed.net. tl-pharmacy.com

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  The Disinvestment Campaign